Mar 27 • 44M

E6. Showdown in Israel: Total Paralysis as the nation unites against dictatorship

Israel Paralyzed by National Protests and Strikes and Netanyahu is Silent: Vivian Bercovici on the Streets and in Conversation with General Noam Tibon

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Vivian Bercovici
Podcast: State of Tel Aviv, and Beyond: the podcast that tells the story. Unfiltered. We work it hard so that you will understand what’s really going down in Israel.
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On Sunday March 26, 2023, at 9 pm, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired his Minister of Defence, General Yoav Gallant, for daring to warn the nation that we are in a dire security predicament. Gallant urged the Prime Minister to pause the controversial judicial “reform” legislation that most Israelis believe will be the death knell of liberal democracy in the country. Netanyahu’s impulsive dismissal of Gallant sparked massive protests throughout Israel within minutes. Whatsapp mobilized the nation.  Everything came to a standstill. The last 24 hours in Israel have been as dramatic as any in its 75 year history. The country is paralyzed by protests. The main international airport, factories, ports, shops, universities, everything is shut down. A national strike has been called and is supported by Israelis across the political spectrum. This is about preserving democracy and preventing the dictatorial regime that Netanyahu and his coalition partners are determined to impose. Hundreds of thousands took to the streets last night and the protests have yet to subside. Israel may well be on the brink of civil war.

Vivian Bercovici was on the streets of Tel Aviv until 2 am today and helps us understand what is really going down. General Noam Tibon (res.) joins her to discuss what has transpired….they met on Sunday, midday, when things were looking somewhat positive. And then…..KABOOM!