Justice reform or revolution in Israel? Is there a point when majority rule becomes undemocratic? Vivian Bercovici on the critical debate.
Right and left wing Israelis worry about the future. Will it stay true to its liberal democratic ideals or will it become a bastion of extremists…
Vivian Bercovici lays out the case for why Israel is at the most critical turning point in its 75-year history and needs to choose the right path
Vivian Bercovici travels to Budapest to explore Hungary’s uneasy relationship with its fascist past and how local Jews are navigating its resurgence
Moav Vardi, Chief International Correspondent for Israel's Kan News, shares what it's been like covering the World Cup from Qatar for Israeli TV
Vivian Bercovici breaks down the parties vying for portfolios in Netanyahu's coalition negotiations – and the roadblocks he still needs to clear.
Shany Mor lays out the case for why international norms relating to Israel's capital, Jerusalem, are not only inconsistent – they're incoherent
Russia expert Ksenia Svetlova, a former member of Israel's Knesset from the Soviet Union, lays out Israel's complex neutrality vis a vis Ukraine
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