We go behind the headlines to bring the reader in-depth reporting and analysis from Israel-based writers and influencers, representing viewpoints across the political spectrum. Our commitment is to pluralism and a robust exchange of ideas, with civility.

Native Hebrew and Arabic language writers will have their work translated to English – all original and exclusive to State of Tel Aviv – so that you may access the true range of voices that influence political life, society, business and everything else in the modern state of Israel. No party lines. No overarching ideology. Just superb writing and discussion that will cause us all to think, and, perhaps, even rethink.

Subscribers may participate in our online discussion forums and other special events that will be coming soon.

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Vivian Bercovici Our Queen Bee. Former Canadian Ambassador to Israel. Toronto lawyer turned Tel Avivian. Founder and Editor-in-Chief of State of Tel Aviv. Selective sports enthusiast. Decent cook. Aspiring fabric designer and sommelier.

Vivian Bercovici

Ioan Szabo Kovari – Graphic artist and illustrator extraordinaire who has guided us expertly as we have developed and refined our visual identity. He’s our European born Doodler-in-chief, husband and father of two.

Ioan Szabo Kovari

Mordy Rapp is passionate about quality content, Israel and Jewish life. He co-owns VideoSparks Production Agency and can be a little off the wall. He’s also a big fan of strategy board games and philosophy.

Mordy relocated to Israel from Toronto, Canada, 18 years ago and hasn’t looked back. He’s a dad of four and husband to one.

Mordy Rapp

Amir White is the yin to Mordy’s yang. He gets stuff done and is unfailingly pleasant. A co-owner of VideoSparks Production Agency, he is the ever calm juggler of many balls.

Amir is a father, husband, EMT, producer and shares many common passions with Mordy. He moved to Israel on his own at age 19 from the United States. As a kid he went to summer camp in Canada and we think that’s cool.

Amir White

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Founder of State of Tel Aviv on substack, writer, former diplomat, rehabilitated lawyer, mom, swimmer, and great cook!
Founder of State of Tel Aviv on substack, writer, former diplomat, rehabilitated lawyer, mom, swimmer, and great cook!