Thanks for the feedback, Terri. I couldn't agree more with respect to the need for judicial reform here. Top to bottom and inside out. I happen to disagree strongly with the manner in which such an important issue is being undertaken. And I have major issues with the proposed override clause (which, by the way - bears no resemblance to the Canadian notwithstanding clause - which Bibi and others love to invoke in support of override.....a propos "fake news."). I, too, know a thing or two about law - in theory and practice. And - not sure what the relevance is but yes - aware that in Israel students do not need an undergrad degree and go straight to law school. In fact, I'm sure you're aware that that is the norm in much of Europe, UK and the Commonwealth. America is not the standard for everyone. Nor should it be. "Reasonable clause" and standard of reasonableness is well entrenched in common law and well understood in much of the world.

Zoom out for a moment. The manner in which a government - any government - undertakes reform is as important as the reform they undertake. They are the government of all Israelis now, not just their ideological kin. And to govern effectively they must at least appear to give a hoot about what rather significant parts and numbers in society think. Or they will lose legitimacy.

Democracy is not just about the majority. An elected legislature is an important part of a democracy, forsure, but so are healthy supporting institutions and - lest we forget - checks and balances. The latter concept is well understood in both parliamentary democracies as well as in America. And with these proposals we will have none in Israel. Zero.

These reform proposals need work. Let's do it right.

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None of the commentators know anything about the law. I as a lawyer in Israel can tell you that the reform is very much needed. There needs to be a Federal Rule 11 with sanctions for frivolous litigation and everything isn't allowed to be brought to court as in the US. Most of the news is fake, such as the article saying that JP Morgan Chase wrote an article about the reform. Since I manage accounts there I know it isn't true and I spoke to the research deptartment and no such report was written. So don't believe all you hear and read, most of it is fake and almost no one understands the legal system here. Did you know that lawyers don't need a BA to go to Law School? They go directly to Law School and that needs to be changed. It took us as Americans a long time to understand the "reasonable clause" in Israeli law since there is no such thing in the US, and Michael Bloomberg doesn't know a thing about the law and was hated as Mayor of NYC, I know I was there.

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