Feb 23 • 40M

State of Tel Aviv, And Beyond Podcast Episode 1: Israel’s Justice Reform is Tearing the Country Apart

Vivian Bercovici speaks with right wing academic and politician, Yossi Shain, and center-left journalist, Amir Tibon to unpack the complexities of Israel’s latest crisis.

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Vivian Bercovici
Podcast: State of Tel Aviv, and Beyond: the podcast that tells the story. Unfiltered. We work it hard so that you will understand what’s really going down in Israel.
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To finally launch this podcast is so huge. I realize a personal dream and expect and hope our stories will resonate. Our first episode is kind of surreal; an impassioned plea from two prominent Israelis – one on the right, the other center left – explaining how dire a moment this is: in Jewish history and the short life of the modern State of Israel. The crisis in Israel is about so much more than justice reform. It is about whether the country has a future as a liberal democracy. Doesn’t get closer to the bone than that. Please tune in and follow us. Tell your family and friends. We’re working on some great episodes. And, no. You won’t hear this stuff anywhere else.

We’ve got a twist.