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There has to be a way of ending this cycle of violence. The most obvious way would be Israel's willingness to accept a two viable state solution. Yes. I understand that would not satisfy ISJ, Hamas etc. and would not end violence in its entirety; however, it would disarm them. Doing more of the same thing that Israel has been doing for a generation is not a solution and would not bring security for Israel and it's people.

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We in Canada just can’t imagine the terror. Regardless of how Israelis try to “normalize” their lives while under threat and under fire, the horror still fills their veins and souls. Sadly once again 80 years later most of the free world (we know what the unfree world wants) and some of their local heroes (ie Ye the putz) still stomach the eradication of Israel and Diaspora Jews. Jews in the Diaspora need to face reality, kick ass and believe in Never Again! Am yisroel chai!

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