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E35. Rambam Hospital: A Nuke Proof Fortified Lifeline in Israel
E35. Rambam Hospital: A Nuke Proof Fortified Lifeline in Israel
Israel at War: Day 12. We speak with Dr. Michael Halbertal, CEO of Rambam Medical Center

In today's episode of State of Tel Aviv and Beyond, our guest is Dr. Michael Halbertal, the CEO of Rambam Hospital in Haifa. We discuss the challenging circumstances in Israel over the past 11 days, marked by a surge in casualties and horrific incidents, including the injuries and death of infants and children. Dr. Halbert reflects on the emotional toll and the close-knit community in Israel that makes these events deeply personal. He describes the remarkable and innovative transformation of Rambam Hospital into a fortified underground facility, highlighting the hospital’s commitment to providing medical care to citizens in any scenario. We touch on the rapid preparations for potential conflict and the hospital's ability to withstand unconventional warfare, ensuring self-sufficiency for days in various aspects, including electricity, water, food, and medical resources.

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