protests are financed by Biden administration and EU and BDS affiliates...the protesters are being used as puppets by Israel haters.

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Hi Vivia, sorry to say I agree with Steven. Not all of whomever you mentioned support the demonstrations. Maybe some. Being a lawyer Ive witnessed the incompetent judges in the Jerusalem courts who might have slept with bar Association heads to get their post. We have also witnessed personally the prosecution giving out indictments like candy if someone connected knows someone. We have witnessed those same female judges go against evidence because they were lobbied illegally and threatened. Until you have been the victim of this system you cant imagine that it could happen in Israel. Lucky for us we are fighting and winning but what if we had no money? This is lawfare againt mostly have nots This is what Rothman and Levine are trying to change. Not all banks!!!!!i I am here in Miami Beach and JP Morgan Chase never wrote a report anything at all on Israel. And Jacob Frenkel worked with me at Merrill Lynch in the 90’s. He hasn’t lived in Israel for over 30 years. And by the way when he was a candidate for the bank of Israel his rivals tried to destroy him. Lovely people the Israelis So do a little more research before you write. I am available any time as a resourse, Israeli attorney, stockbroker, and from the US

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Thanks for your comment, Steven. The government is democratically elected. That does not give it license to undo democracy. Which is exactly what is going on. Call me petulant, but I’m dismissing the rabble in the streets you also dismiss the top pilots and combat soldiers, CEOs of all major banks, vc, members of all parties, business people in Israel of all partisans stripes and many who have worked closely w Bibi, former heads of Mossad, Shabak, etc. Not a single voice supports this government because what they are doing is so extreme. They are hitting democratic process and institutions.

Oh. And they didn’t run on this extreme platform. Polls show that the majority of Israelis do not approve it.

Putin was elected too. You think this is just a bunch of whinging malcontents? No. This is much more serious. Just look at who is critical. Start w Jakob Frenkel. These are not lightweights.

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An election that produces a government approved by the majority is a definite democratic expression. Vivian Bercovici has always been heroic regarding the Jewish state, Israel.

Her recent article in Canada's National Post and her condemnation of the current government plus her enthusiastic support for the street mob protesting the new government has me wondering what she and others of her ilk really mean when using the concept of democracy. A new government headed by Netanyahu was democratically elected by a majority of Israelis. Surely this is democracy. Plus the boiling rage of many senior folks even before the new government has demonstrated any “anti-democratic” behaviour or legislation illustrates true anti-democratic behaviour. Are we to rush into the streets every time an elected government does not meet favour with the defeated minority? Elections by mob rule?

Let’s leave Israel alone and stop supporting mob behaviour. Israel and Israelis have the right to live without all the anti-democratic chatter.

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