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E5. Kohelet Forum Fiasco in Israel
E5. Kohelet Forum Fiasco in Israel
How a think tank sparked national protests that are destroying Israel

Today’s podcast takes a close look at the Kohelet Policy Forum – a Jerusalem-based think tank financed by two Philadelphia billionaires. Kohelet has been working hard for many years on developing policy proposals and legislation to overhaul the Israeli justice system and with the election of the hard right, ultra-orthodox governing coalition they struck gold. Kohelet policy proposals were embraced by the coalition but enraged the general public – even many who had voted for coalition parties in the last election. For 12 weeks now demonstrations and protests have become larger, more disruptive and social order is rapidly breaking down. Kohelet is proud of their proposals and has yet to voice misgivings regarding the consequences. What is Kohelet and what are they doing and why?


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