Mar 16 • 43M

E4. Anatomy of Anarchy in Israel - On the Street and in the Homes of the Protesters

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Vivian Bercovici
Podcast: State of Tel Aviv, and Beyond: the podcast that tells the story. Unfiltered. We work it hard so that you will understand what’s really going down in Israel.
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Israel has been in a state of chaos for months now, with much of the country protesting a package of laws reforming the justice system that many think goes much further – and will be the end of liberal democracy in Israel. We dig deep into the issues and talk to the people organizing these protests: elite combat reserve soldiers, air force pilots, professionals, regular folks. These are the people PM Netanyahu brands as leftists, anarchists, and terrorists. They call him a dictator and say this is the most important war that Israel has ever fought since its founding in 1948.