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E47. Hostages and Chanukah: Darkness in the Festival of Light and Miracles

E47. Hostages and Chanukah: Darkness in the Festival of Light and Miracles


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On Thursday evening, I spoke with Aviva Klompas, an extraordinary Jewish activist, educator and writer who has distinguished herself on social media since October 7. From the moment the horror began to unfold, Aviva posted constantly with information and updates on the incomprehensible evil that befell Israel; the savage Hamas attacks and the grief left in their wake, that we are just beginning to comprehend. An accomplished writer with a keen eye for detail. Aviva crafts vignettes and stories, distiling them to their essence. Each one is important testimony for the future. Aviva  has developed an important historical record, piece by piece, chronicling what we all learned, in real time, focusing always on the hostages and their families. She speaks as powerfully as she writes. I could listen to her all day. The discussion is framed by my observations and thoughts from my multiple visits over the last week to “Hostage Square” in central Tel Aviv, where I went last night for the lighting of the menorah, for the final night.

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Aviva Klompas is the co-founder and CEO of Boundless, a non-profit organization focusing on countering online antisemitism, A Toronto native, she resides in Boston and has deep experience in Israel-related advocacy and served as chief speechwriter for former Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor.
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