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E23. An Unlikely Activist Reflects on the Past Year – and What Lies Ahead

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Vivian Bercovici
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Father of three daughters, husband, former elite combat reservist and top tier employment law lawyer, Yaron Kramer has also taken on the role of near full-time activist since January, 2023. He was among the founders of the grassroots protest organization – Brothers and Sisters in Arms – who recognized early on that the judicial reform agenda of the coalition government in Israel was an assault on liberal democracy.

I have been meeting and speaking with Kramer – as everyone calls him – since the early days. In fact, he was among the organizers of the very controversial and attention-grabbing barricade of the Jerusalem offices of Kohelet Policy Forum. We covered that event in depth in podcast episode 5.

Since those early days – when Kramer spoke of the urgency of the moment and the need to be “creative” and push the envelope – things have only gained momentum. Kramer reflects on the past 8 months and is girded for even more intense domestic conflict in the near future. But he – like so many Israelis – will not be discouraged. These are some of the bravest, fiercest and most resourceful warriors, anywhere. And they are turning their talents to saving liberal democracy in Israel.

“Let’s say the truth,” says Kramer. “Netanyahu is weak. Netanyahu is not healthy. Everybody can see it.”

I spoke with Kramer just before he left for a long August vacation with his family. He was in a reflective mood, but fiery. This conversation is a fascinating peek inside the mindset of a top leader of the civilian protest movement opposing judicial reform in Israel. His depth, passion and determination will impress, even if you do not agree.


And me? I’m hiding out here, somewhere north of Toronto. Most beautiful place in the world in August. Enjoy the last of summer!

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