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The tactic of harassing and pressuring coalition members (and members of their families) is something that Netanyahu orchestrated very successfully against perceived "weak links" in the Bennett-Lapid coalition last year. What happened at the ritzy hair salon on Wednesday night was nothing compared to what the then-opposition did to Silman, Orbach and others as part of Netanyahu's scorched-earth campaign to bring down the "change coalition" and force a new election. These people were harassed in shul, in their neighborhood, their kids were hassled in school... It was vicious and hateful. Much worse than anything the current protestors are doing to the architects of the current campaign to establish one-party rule with no checks and balances.

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So sad that this is happening in Israel. That there is even a discussion about the country becoming a theocratic state (jail sentence for immodest western wall dress) like its worst enemy Iran..Haviv Rettig Gur speaks in such calm and measured tones. Let's hope others listen to this voice of reason . Israel has enough external enemies. To be divided internally is dangerous. And shameful acts of burning Palestinian cars and homes will only lead to loss of international support.

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Haviv is measured, so knowledgeable and thoughtful. He is exceptional but there are many who certainly share his views and approach. And yes, I agree.....it's so sad. Then again......this crisis could become an opportunity to do things better and more "right"/correctly/responsibly. I do not mean "right" in the political sense.

As for Nancy's comment regarding the organized harassment campaigns undertaken by the right wing parties when they were in opposition.....touche. People may find it distasteful but this is a small country where everyone knows everyone. Everything is so close to the bone. And the hair salon thing? I don't know. Apparently Sara never goes to the salon and always summons the owner to fix her up at her home. Suddenly, on a planned Day of Disruption, in the heart of Tel Aviv, she spontaneously drops into the salon? If nothing else then her security detail should be dressed down. Just not smart.

And. She stayed inside for hours (to allow the colour time to set). She could've left immediately, before there was a crowd. Even later......when it turned into a "thing"......such a formidable police presence on kikar hamedina? Inquiring minds.......

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