Jun 13 • 41M

E13. In Conversation with Yakov Katz: Jerusalem Post Editor-in-Chief, Author, Political Aide, Raconteur par Excellence!

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Vivian Bercovici
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After 7 years as Editor-in-Chief of the Jerusalem Post newspaper, Yakov Katz put out his final edition at the end of March. And before that, he served for two years as a senior aide to then Minister Naftali Bennett. Katz discusses his “awakening” and experience after seeing the backrooms of Israeli politics at the top, and the moment when PM Bennett called to tell him that he finally saw the “real” Benjamin Netanyahu. He shares his insights into the challenges of dragging legacy media into the digital age, the extreme nature of political discourse in Israel and the quite dangerous precipice on which the country perches, at the moment. It’s a freewheeling chat and Katz’s irrepressible energy is infectious. He speaks very quickly… be prepared to listen!