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S2 E7. Why Everyone Should Know About MK Sharren Haskel

S2 E7. Why Everyone Should Know About MK Sharren Haskel


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Because she represents the future of Israel. Now sitting with the New Hope party (merged with Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party several years ago). Haskel entered the Knesset in 2015, young, bright and firmly in the back bench. In the years since she has distinguished herself for being principled, focused and whip smart. A mother of three very young daughters, she is consistently a top performer and strong voice for democracy, women and ethical government. We get into the tough stuff in this conversation: that horrible Black Shabbat of October 7th; the persistent nightmare ever since; the abandonment of Israeli women by the global “sisterhood” that is silent, or worse, in the face of overwhelming evidence of Hamas gang rape of women and men; our personal family legacies from the Holocaust and how we try to integrate and understand it all. Sharren is warm, open, thoughtful and pulls no punches. A fascinating discussion with a woman who will be shaping Israeli political life for many years to come.

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