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E48. Sunday Feature: Hostages. Hostages. And Hostages.

E48. Sunday Feature: Hostages. Hostages. And Hostages.


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This is the second instalment of our new Sunday feature: a quick, sharp focus on what went down in the past week and what's coming. Now clocking 72 days in captivity, the hostage crisis dominated the national psyche. The inadvertent killing by the IDF of three hostages who had escaped and were waving a white flag sent Israel reeling with intense shock, grief and disbelief. Their capture is why the war started and the nation is united about this and only this: Bring Them Home. NOW. I discuss this development with regular co-host, Ya'akov Katz. Former editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post, military, security and political expert and engaging raconteur. What happened and where are we going?


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