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E32. Israel at War: Day 7. October 13, 2023

E32. Israel at War: Day 7. October 13, 2023

We’re doing our best to deliver timely reports and with a candor that you will not hear on MSM. We are also scrambling as our team is working under very trying circumstances. So please excuse any editing that isn’t up to our usual studio standard. This is war.

We have Ya’akov Katz back today to brief us on the military situation on the ground in Israel and fill us in as to how civilians there are managing. Most touching moment was when he shared with me that his daughter – who serves in a combat unit and is currently in the south – is okay. They facetimed briefly so that Ya’akov could bless her with the weekly shabbat prayer that fathers do for all children. Please, please, he wept quietly as he blessed her, let our children be safe.

No paywall today. Please share widely and sign up if you value what we’re delivering. Shabbat Shalom. Weird to write that. Impossible to understand that it has been a week, tomorrow,, since the Gates of Hell opened up on Israeli babies, children, mothers, elderly, fathers.

As French President Emmanuel Macron so aptly stated: “There are no ‘buts’ anymore...”


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