Jul 10 • 19M

E15. STLV QUICK HIT: Explaining the Background of the Major IDF Operation in Jenin Last Week

Insightful discussion about Jenin as a terror hub and why the IDF went in now. Featuring Yakov Katz, military specialist and former Editor-in-Chief of The Jerusalem Post.

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Vivian Bercovici
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A week ago, a major IDF operation began in the northern West Bank Town of Jenin, which has long been a hub of terror operations. In recent years both Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad – both proxies of Iran – have become entrenched in the densely packed urban warrens of the refugee camp in the city of approximately 50,000. IDF special forces uncovered huge weapons caches being warehoused in underground caverns and arrested many. Twelve terrorists were killed in the two day operation. As always, international condemnation was swift and unequivocal, hammering Israel. Nothing new there. What the Jenin operation really accomplished was to fill a vacuum left by the Palestinian Security forces that had pretty much abandoned any enforcement efforts in the city. Israel has now put all on notice that it will step in to manage and curtail terrorist freedom. As Katz points out, such an operation is by no means an “end” in and of itself and must be considered in a much broader context, which he lays out in his usual clear and lively style. Have a listen.


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