May 4 • 25M

E11. Israel’s New Normal: A Snapshot Report of Protests, Arrests and Jail One Weekend in April

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Vivian Bercovici
Podcast: State of Tel Aviv, and Beyond: the podcast that tells the story. Unfiltered. We work it hard so that you will understand what’s really going down in Israel.
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Today we get into the weeds of what goes down on a typical night of protest in the State of Tel Aviv, and Beyond. Our host, Vivian Bercovici, takes us with her with sound, street interviews and narrative – to the streets where 150,000 protest every Saturday night in the heart of Israel. Tel Aviv. Vivian speaks with quiet religious protesters who hold signs every week saying – “we’re brothers” – a bromide that most demonstrators do not embrace. And we hear a lot from one of them. She takes us with her to a police station in south Tel Aviv late that night where eight protesters who have been arrested are being detained and speaks to one of the activists who oversees that they are represented by legal counsel and supported in every way possible. And we finish up the following morning in a Tel Aviv courtroom, where the state intends to detain one man in custody. But he is set free because the judge finds there is no legal basis supporting the state’s position. In the meantime, the man, Omer, has spent a night in a prison cell with four Palestinian men in Israel illegally. This episode brings you the facts. No editorializing. April 15-16 on the streets in the State of Tel Aviv, and Beyond.